Sunday, March 20, 2005

Oh... My... God...

Holy Crap! On this night I stumbled upon the most hilarious, disturbing, irreverent show ever! It comes on MTV2 and it's called Wonder Showzen and it's friggin awesome! It's presented kind of like a Sesame Street for adults. You should have seen all the disclaimers. They were thick as wetbacks and lawn gnomes in a white guys yard. They had eight year old kids say things like, "don't litter or else God will tear your face off and feed it to a goat, I don't know what you been smoking... but there ain't no such thing as God," and "space is for white people."

There were so many isanely sweet things. For examlple, an incredibly intelligent duck with a talking asshole. No, really this duck built a time machine so that he could stop Einstien from working on the Manhattan project and thus allow humanity to keep a little bit of it's innosence. The duck decides to cut open Al's skull and let his asshole squeeze a huge Cleaveland steamer on his brain. He then stitches Albert up.

Two soul less plastic surgeons travel to extremely hostile, third world countries and perform dangerous and wholey unnessecary surgury on completely grotesque, battle torn and emaciated people.

A little girls sings this song to a yellow puppet. "All you gotta do is pretend to believe and you'll meet God up in Heaven." Various children were then presented with the question, "What is Heaven?" These are just some of their answers, "Self deception, when you order chicken mcnuggets and you get a switchblade, a day without my pills, pills, PILLS," and finally "I'll never know".

A very confident child states that "Cows are reincarnated Hindus." We are then shown dairy cows being milked and one clever little boy says, "this reminds me of something Freud said... about your mom."

Two Children sacrafice thier returning parents in the name of Lord Cromdor.

God destroys the world and gives this as his reasoning. "I didn't like the way you honky ass crackers was keepin' the black man down!" After this, the Lord loses a game of Paper, Rock, Scissors and is unable to cope with his first encounter with failure. Shortly there after he shoots himself in the face. The little girl and puppet that won the game of Rowshambo then ponder what to do with the Lords body and state that they are both hungry. We then see these two sitting on a park bench with other children eating what appears to be huge turkey legs. The show leaves us with a huge bottle of BBQ sauce that has written on the label, "Lordy, that lord meat is ass kickin' hot."

I believe that I have found my new favorite show.

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