Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Sausage Arms

Well, school is about to start again. Back to the coal mines as it would seem. Actually I rather enjoy this opportunity to learn of things both practical and fantastical. Even so, it has been a nice little break from the sometimes frantic university life. I visited with my friend Audrey (not Hepburn mind you) the other day and she informed me that she was having, what she called, a "fat day. " I exclaimed, " A fat day!? Why, whatever do you mean?" I was rather taken aback to say the least. I thought, "Girls have the ability to change their fat to muscle ratio on a daily basis!? That's amazing! Human females must have evolved this out of the necessity to serve as the 'big fat friend' in certain situations. Thus effectively blocking ones cock and saving her beloved friend from a night of excruciating and orgasmic bliss. I had no idea that such a thing existed." She then informed me that a "fat day" is just one of the many "days" that human females have the priveledge of partaking in. A fat day (or night as the case may be) is simply a day that a young woman feels particularly obese. There are apparently "ugly days" and "I hate everything about everyone days" as well.


All right I have arrived in the present again. I just went for a little ride in my new best friend, Goraque's time convertable. It came complete with all leather interior, flux capacitor, and a six cassete tape changer. We had a marvelous time (pun intended) cruising all of the back streets of his culturally integrated and economically deseased childhood interplanetary projects . Goraque pointed out his 7th grade subspace teacher walking down the avenue, looking particularly reputable so, we simultaneously shouted "Hey honey. How much?" She retorted,"$26.50." And that's all I have to say about that.

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