Friday, January 07, 2005

What the crap!?

I'm not certain as to how this Blog thingy is supposed to work. Is it or is it not supposed to kick you in the crotch and then sodomize your gerbil. Cause if it's not then lemmiwinks is gonna be supremely pissed.

I was informed by several of my friends and family members (and in some cases both) that I should obtain, what is known throughout the land, as a Blog. So here I am. Drowning in a vast expanse of emotional turmoil brought about by the innerworkings (or inner-not-workings as the case may be) of a site that would appear to the untrained eye to be a fairly straight forward and simplistic way of conveying ones inner most thoughts to a wide variety of beggars and thieves... er, um... the many upstanding inhabitants of cyberspace.

I'll admitt the previous paragraph did seem a bit cynical. Forgive me. For if you, reader, do not I will have lost my very last strand of hope that someone in this crazy world will understand and take pity on my incoherent babblings. I will be forced to borrow under the earth. Years of hardship will sculpt my body into a temple of vengence. I will eventually emerge forth from the depths leading an army of mole people and other various giant rodents to victory. Enslaving any we encounter and razing all cities that oppose the age of the Great Mole King. Yes, it is I! Ratcliff! Slayer of the Goblin witch Mordra and Avenger of the Underlings!

Alright maybe I got carried away. The point is... the point is... well shit, I guess I'll have to embark on a journey in search of a point to all this madness.

End Transmission

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