Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ode to Venus

Woe to the deity who's light doth shine. Woe to the girl who, with kind lips, did beam at me so. Woe to me. For I do not know her name. A girl smiled at me today. A gorgeous girl. A girl who looked into my eyes as if to say, "Hello old friend. Let us sit a while, and chatter--and chatter about our days--for they have been long. Just as I long for thy company, and thy brawny caress." Oh Venus! Aphrodite! Calypso; if thou wouldst but find me again, whilst I am in life, oh what a happy baby duck I'd be. Quack, Quack, my darling. And splash I'd go. And the peasants would feast and rejoice, amidst the clamorous, slippery slope of amour. If you'd but call my name--just whisper--slight even to the moth; my heart would melt as the coldest snow saw the larks' return. Oh what a happy day that'd be. Oh joyous day, why do you elude me? I'd've spoken to you, my nymph. But alas! I was accosted--by pirates! ...pirates who wanted me to give money to save the environment. Who do they think they're kidding? This be-ist not grade school! Even the youngest youngling knows, the environment is forfeit! And its progeny condemned to servitude. Mother nature has failed. Haha! If she didn't want us to pave her fields, and sodomize her goats--she would have told us; given us some ill sign--like extinctifying the majestic Dodo--or cancer. But, my love, I digress. Tis the disease of the wise and of the foolish. A paradox? No greater than the paradox of love. Of which, I'm sure, you well know. For love is blind. And so who better to lead we who cannot see. But my mysterious mistress of the light, I'll soon bid you adieu. Fret not my darling. For soon we shall see, in slumber, what dreams may come. To bring courage, perchance? For courage lies not in the willingness of brawn to clash, but in facing the pangs of love with levity, and sorrow.

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