Friday, August 27, 2010

So this is Catharsis

I was just broken up with. It was an amiable affair. There was no yelling--no shouting--no ill will of any kind. Just the quite understanding of two people, that the road diverged. It was an emotional event. One that I'll not soon cease to think about. The words hang in my mind. "We're not doing well." I knew what that meant. I saw it coming like the nimbi that betray the rough seas of destruction. And I cried. I cried like--well--a man facing the loss of--well--just loss. Is there any other kind? Though remain close, we will. For there is no reason not to remain so. In fact, t'would be a travesty (one that I'm afraid I could not bear) to do otherwise. I do not feel as if I left anything unsaid. And this brings be comfort. There is still love in the house of we. Though a love all together of a different sort.

Neither party knows what lies ahead--nor where their roads may lead. Who knows? They may trudge upon the trodden to find themselves once again in the land of milk and honey--together--walking down a road.

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Kylie said...

how sweet this is, and how true.