Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Pasta Power!

Well, I've really done it now. I've eaten too much pasta and now I can't think. Example: I was lieing on my floor and my phone started to vibrate. I became so disoriented by the sound that it took me a full ten seconds to locate it. It was in front of me. Eating too much has become a real problem for me the past week or so. I wouldn't recommend it. Anywho, what is up my negroes? *emphasis on caucasian pronunciation* How are things going with me, you ask? Fairly great, I would say. Well, I mean my anis is not being reamed by a hot poker controlled by a russian loan shark. I am also forunate enough not have any cactus needles shoved up my pee-hole. So all things considered, I'm more fortunate than most. I hope that you can say the same. But don't say it too loud... at the dinner table... with the Pope. Just stare to your pasta. The conversation will move to matters of foriegn affairs. Then ask if he wants to make out.

End Transmission.

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